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Not only is Jen compassionate, caring, honest and professional but if you are serious about getting better, and tossing the harmful pills and their long lasting effects for good - Thrive Health Wellness is the way to go. My family is forever grateful for the restored health of my father-in-law, a 20 plus year diabetic, who after a few months of this program is enjoying his restored health thanks to Jen!

Jennifer has been absolutely the best !! She has been there step by step along the way with me through MULTIPLE health issues over the last 2 years, has been compassionate, caring, always with an ear listening to my concerns.I have been able to get off ALL medications with her help...I don't even know where I'd be today if I hadn't started seeing her...I give her a 👍!!!!

It’s easy for a person to say their intentions are for a healthier life. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay on the road less traveled without support. It wasn’t always easy because it required change, but Jen encouraged me to persevere. She helped me through sleep issues, early stages of lymes disease, and kidney stones. I now wake up feeling rested and with more vibrant energy.

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